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Break Free from High Fees

LiveBet is a peer-to-peer betting platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing us offer the bettor <5% vigorish (a.k.a juice, the cut we take from each wager). Most sports betting services take greater than 10% vigorish.

How can I trust LiveBet?

Security is our #1 priority.


The trust and security of our players is LiveBet’s number one priority. Our transaction platform is safeguarded by blockchain technology; the most advanced security protocol to date.


We are in the process of acquiring online sports gambling licenses in the EU and USA. We will not allow you to bet unless it is totally legal for you to do so. Beta testing coming soon!

Why bet on LiveBet?

Vigorish.. Vigorish.. Vigorish..

LiveBet allows for:

  • Less than 5% vigorish GUARANTEED for bets
  • Small bet minimums (think $1 or less)
  • Minimal withdrawal fees
  • Instant transactions (including live betting)

Want to bet on anything?

LiveBet gives you the option to propose a bet for almost anything!

Want to bet whether or not it will rain tomorrow in a certain area? Want the over/under for the average length of a Super Bowl commercial?

If you mutually agree on a winner in any bet, you can win!

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B.S in Information Science and Technology from Pennsylvania State University

B.S in Marketing from University of Georgia

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